If you are interested in coaching, feel free to get in touch for an initial call to see if we suit one another. My price is $200/hr and I am currently taking on new clients.

Over the last several years I’ve been reading hundreds of books on meditation, therapy, business development and different coaching styles. The more books I read, the more I feel that it’s not about static knowledge in books, it’s about training the living operating system of our minds for growth in real time.

Coaching comes in different phases, one way I like to think about this is in the dimensions of “past, present and future”. Each of the 3 can be worked on in different ways.

In the past, we have the beliefs that got handed to us over time and the beliefs we implemented in childhood to protect us, these stuck beliefs may range from, “I can never get angry” to “It’s my job to help people, if I’m not helping, I’m a bad person” or even “I don’t have impostor syndrome because I’m not good enough to be an impostor”. Sometimes they appear ridiculous and other times they appear obviously and embarrassingly true.

In the present, we can explore the way I relate to the present, how I’m feeling right now, how I treat myself right now, what is my relationship with myself? Maybe I have a slave driver in my mind that never lets me rest, or my body has persistent pain that I can’t seem to let go of, or I have an experience like anxiety or lack of safety in the present moment, no matter where I am or what I am doing.

In the future we have my hopes and dreams, and how I relate to them, centred on the question, where am I going? If I always tell myself that I’m not allowed to want that money because it’s shameful to desire capitalistic goals, if I dream big but then never complete my projects, if I don’t dream at all because it’s safer not to dream, all these patterns of living will influence how I show up as a person, this affects whether I have ambition and optimism and the ability to move towards a better future.

Each person’s behaviour is a combination of their internal relationship to past, present and future. Through this lens we can look at these parts of our minds and process the parts that we don’t like, to untie our needless knots and free our limitations. Our aim is to get to a place where we see the past in a healthy way, as experiences that we have learned from, to put us in an empowered present moving towards a positive future.

Some of the modalities I work with are:

  • Internal Family Systems Therapy
  • Meditation and awareness practices
  • Spiral Dynamics and other developmental systems
  • Integral theory
  • Embodied cognition and intuition training
  • Principles of rationality
  • Systems thinking
  • Core transformation
  • Evolution of shadow 
  • State shift and state awareness

and of course many more.

You can get in touch via:

While you are waiting, feel free to ponder the question, “what do I want to work on?” because action is always easier with a goal in mind.