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Experiments, iterations and the scientific method

Today, an ordinary day.  I woke up at 6am.  It was still dark out.  I did a quick self-check. “Did I wake up with energy?”  No not really…  note to self.  But it is quite early. Rewind one day. Yesterday … Continue reading

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An inquiry into memory of humans

In trying to understand how my memory for people works, I am trying to investigate in what order my people semantic network is arranged. For each exercise that follows you will need to think of a different person to avoid … Continue reading

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How to learn a new area X that you have no idea about.

This guide was in response to a request in the Lesswrong open thread.  I would like to improve it; If you have some improvement to contribute I would be delighted to hear it!  I hope it helps.  It was meant to … Continue reading

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Magnetic rings (the most mediocre superpower) A review.

Following on from a few threads about superpowers and extra sense that humans can try to acquire; I have always been interested in the idea of putting a magnet in my finger for the benefits of extra-sensory perception. Stories (occasional … Continue reading

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