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Cultivate the desire to X

This post is duplicated from the original. Original post: http://lesswrong.com/r/discussion/lw/ndl/cultivate_the_desire_to_x/ Recently I have found myself encouraging people to cultivate the desire to X. Examples that you might want to cultivate interest in include: Diet Organise ones self Plan for the future … Continue reading

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Turning the dial to eleven

I have a local lesswronger, he likes to use the phrase, “turning the dial to eleven”. I think XKCD emphasises it well: There’s something sweetly satisfying about turning the dial TO THE MAX just to see what it does. The really beautiful thing … Continue reading

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adding and removing complexity from models

I had a really interesting conversation with a guy about modelling information.  what I did when talking to him is in one case insist that his model be made more simple because adding more variation in the model was unhelpful, … Continue reading

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The barriers to the task

For about two months now I have been putting in effort to run in the mornings.  To make this happen, I had to take away all the barriers to me wanting to do that.  There were plenty of them, and … Continue reading

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