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Addendum to: “should you reverse any advice you

Should You Reverse Any Advice You Hear? This post relates to the above SSC post.  Scott says: That lots of the advice people give is useful for some people, but that the opposite advice is useful for other people. For example, … Continue reading

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The Problem (TM) – Analyse a conversation

I had a chat with a person who admitted to having many problems themselves.  I offered my services as a problem solving amateur, willing to try to get to the bottom of this.  Presented is the conversation (With details changed … Continue reading

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How to learn a new area X that you have no idea about.

This guide was in response to a request in the Lesswrong open thread.  I would like to improve it; If you have some improvement to contribute I would be delighted to hear it!  I hope it helps.  It was meant to … Continue reading

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