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models of cuteness and human face attractiveness

I found out that I don’t measure any cuteness in my head.  That is to say I have never seen a baby thing and had a feeling inside me to coo at it.  Nor have I ever seen something cute … Continue reading

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Good and bad ways to do Comfort Zone Expansion (CoZE)

From the CFAR syallabus, (which may in time change) is a suggestion to take actions that put you outside of your comfort zone even though you might not want to.  Their rational is something along the lines of encouraging you … Continue reading

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New music powers

I have written before about how I am pretty terrible at canvassing music in my head.  This lends to the appalling ability (to musically oriented people) to be able to do things like listen to the same song on repeat … Continue reading

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Hacking with a NodeMCU

Today I am hacking on a node MCU. They look something like this: I am trying to program them with the Arduino IDE because arduino is stupid easy to use.  Interestingly to bootstrap the NodeMCU to the arduino environment, instead of … Continue reading

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