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What is a problem?

I originally posed this idea in my list of short stubs.  Under that heading I briefly outlined: What is a problem – On the path of problem solving, understanding what a problem is will help you to understand how to attack … Continue reading

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Lost purposes – Doing what’s easy or what’s important

Part 1: Exploration-Exploitation Part 2: Bargaining Trade-offs to your brain. Part 2a: Empirical time management Part 3: The time that you have Part 3a: A purpose finding exercise Part 4: What does that look like in practice? Part 4a: Lost purposes – Doing … Continue reading

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Turning the dial to eleven

I have a local lesswronger, he likes to use the phrase, “turning the dial to eleven”. I think XKCD emphasises it well: There’s something sweetly satisfying about turning the dial TO THE MAX just to see what it does. The really beautiful thing … Continue reading

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