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Books I read 2017 – Part 2. Psychology, Management

This is part 2 of my book summaries, the introduction paragraph is repeated.  If you are interested in relationships and learning here is part 1. This year I read 79 or so books.  Also there are 24 more books that … Continue reading

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Transcript: Problem solving with a friend.

A conversation in a self development server.  S just join. We talk about and make plans for some of the problems.  After having the conversation someone else mentioned that it was a great read because I didn’t let excuses sit … Continue reading

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Personal cheat sheet on what vitamins do to me

I have been supplementing vitamins for a year and a half at the date of this post.  To Identify my stack and have it published will make it easier to refer back to it.  This is not completed, every day … Continue reading

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How I accidentally discovered the pill to enlightenment but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Eastern enlightenment is not what you think.  I mean, maybe it is.  But it’s probably not.  There’s a reason it’s so elusive, and there’s a reason that it hasn’t joined western science and the western world the way that curiosity … Continue reading

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Global trend predictions 2018

My global trends prediction for this year: The world will be more pro recreational drug. Voluntary euthanasia will be legalised in more places Bitcoin will crash health food/exercise market will grow massively.  like twofold. Electric cars will grow, not fast … Continue reading

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Object level weight loss tips

Finding specific instructions on weight loss is difficult.  They are all buried in the internet. Covered in clickbait and a waste of time to find. And plenty of them don’t work. So here’s my list. As object level as I … Continue reading

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The answer sheet

I always wished I had an answer sheet.  A cheat sheet to a lot of my problems.  Well now I do.  But it’s all in my head.  I solved a lot of my problems by reading books and building models … Continue reading

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2017: a year in science

In Classical tradition for the Sydney Summer Solstice.  We look back over the year and gathering some exciting science that was worth sharing.  I present this year’s list of science (see previous years – 2016, 2015) Credit this year goes to Erratio … Continue reading

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Books I read 2017 – Part 1. Relationships, Learning

This year I read 79 or so books.  Also there are 24 more books that I put down without finishing.  That’s a lot to summarise.  I have already spent more than 15 hours and restarted the process of summarising twice.  … Continue reading

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Meaning wars

Everyone thinks the attention game is about attention. It is (of course) but it isn’t. It’s about meaning. We give attention to the things that we find meaningful. Attention being a rough proxy our brain provides for meaning.  That means … Continue reading

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