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Announcing: The great bridge between communities

In the deep dark lurks of the internet, several proactive lesswrong and diaspora leaders have been meeting each day.  If we could have cloaks and silly hats; we would. We have been discussing the great diversification, and noticed some major … Continue reading

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Cultivate the desire to X

This post is duplicated from the original. Original post: Recently I have found myself encouraging people to cultivate the desire to X. Examples that you might want to cultivate interest in include: Diet Organise ones self Plan for the future … Continue reading

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In support of Yak Shaving

Yak shaving is heralded as pretty much “the devil” of trying to get things done.  The anti-yak shaving movement will identify this problem as being one of focus.  The moral of the story they give is “don’t yak shave“. Originally posted in … Continue reading

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Preference over preference

With edits in blue.  This post duplicates the original. Original post: Preference over preference Each individual person has a preference.  Some preferences are strong, others are weak.  For many preferences it’s more complicated than that; they aren’t static, and we change … Continue reading

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Black box knowledge

This post is a duplicate of the original. Original post: Black box knowledge When we want to censor an image we put a black box over it.  Over the area we want to censor.  In a similar sense we can … Continue reading

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Noble excuses

I was talking to a lady in her 60s who was losing weight, and exercising.  She said to me; “All my life, my husband was an iron man.  I felt terribly embarrassed, like everyone in the room was looking at … Continue reading

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Procrastination checklist

This post duplicates my original. Original post: Procrastination checklist This list is a revision of this checklist: 1. What is the task? Make sure you’re going to focus on one thing at a time.  Write it down (helps some people).  (If … Continue reading

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On excuses and validity

We learn’t yesterday about what is a problem? I want to talk about one specific aspect of the barrier.  The part of the barrier that is inside your head.  The one that makes excuses. The barrier inside my own head. … Continue reading

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Instrumental behaviour: Inbox zero – A guide – v2

This post is modified from the original. Original post: Instrumental behaviour: Inbox zero – A guide This will be brief. Inbox zero is a valuable thing to maintain.  Roughly promoted around the web as having an empty inbox. An email inbox … Continue reading

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What is a problem?

I originally posed this idea in my list of short stubs.  Under that heading I briefly outlined: What is a problem – On the path of problem solving, understanding what a problem is will help you to understand how to attack … Continue reading

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