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Problems as dragons and papercuts

When I started trying to become the kind of person that can give advice, I went looking for dragons. I figured if I didn’t know the answers that meant the answers were hard, they were big monsters with hidden weak … Continue reading

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Cutting edge technology

When the microscope was invented, in a very short period of time we discovered the cell and the concept of microbiology.  That one invention allowed us to open up entire fields of biology and medicine.  Suddenly we could see the … Continue reading

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Halloween costume: Paperclipperer

Guidelines for becoming a paperclipperer for halloween. Supplies Paperclips (some as a prop, make your life easier by buying some, but show effort by making your own) pliers (extra pairs for extra effect) metal wire (can get colourful for novelty) … Continue reading

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Use concrete language to improve your communication in relationships

She wasn’t respecting me. Or at least, that’s what I was telling myself. And I was pretty upset. What kind of person was too busy to text back a short reply? I know she’s a friendly person because just a … Continue reading

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How to consistently have good days, or Reduce the frequency and impact of bad days

The following is an exercise I composed to be run at the Lesswrong Sydney dojos.  It took an hour and a half but could probably be done faster with some adaptations that I have included in these instructions. In regards … Continue reading

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Fish oil and the self-critical brain loop

Disclaimer: you do you, this is a single (several times repeated) anecdata report.  Fish oil is cheap so you can run this experiment at home. Do you recognise this brain pattern: Remember that thing you did years ago that was … Continue reading

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Paranoia testing

Because I live on the internet I sometimes meet some interesting characters.  On this particular occasion I found myself in a conversation with someone who suggested, “I don’t know if I’m paranoid or not”.  The full story had some drug … Continue reading

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Emotional labour

A brief breakdown: event: I broke your vase. event: I bought you a gift but then left it at home event: I want to go to a (privately valuable event) on our (relationship important day) Options: I wanted to save … Continue reading

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Repairing Anxiety using Internal and External locus of control models

I want you to examine your map.  It’s the representation you carry around in your head that says, “I am in control of most things” or it says, “most things are out of my control”.  Or for very specific things it … Continue reading

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models of cuteness and human face attractiveness

I found out that I don’t measure any cuteness in my head.  That is to say I have never seen a baby thing and had a feeling inside me to coo at it.  Nor have I ever seen something cute … Continue reading

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