Global trend predictions 2018

My global trends prediction for this year:

  • The world will be more pro recreational drug.
  • Voluntary euthanasia will be legalised in more places
  • Bitcoin will crash
  • health food/exercise market will grow massively.  like twofold.
  • Electric cars will grow, not fast enough to meet demand. Automated driving sector will grow.  Regulation will not change fast enough.
  • X on demand will grow. food delivery etc. will grow a bit but it’s probably reached market capacity (which is huge and profitable). Everyone who wants to order food is already ordering it.
  • What other sectors will automate… Unsure.
  • The non-drinking generation will grow up a bit and I don’t know how culture will change because of this.
  • Facebook is dying, I don’t know if it will lose market share or something big will happen or not.
  • Amazon in Australia seems to be not taking off very well. Which is funny because they usually know what they are doing.
  • People are not liking apple. That’s going to impact market.
  • People are organising into small groups. I don’t know what this means. But people are forming small communities on various issues. Maybe coordinated action, maybe polarisation, maybe competition and less trust of people not close to you.
  • Mindfulness, meditation and enlightenment will grow as a fad interest area. But it will die/shrink in 2 years.
  • Increasing technology integration.
  • Maybe more home automation.  (although there is limited things left to automate)
  • Digital voting systems won’t come in this year in Australia
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