Personal cheat sheet on what vitamins do to me

I have been supplementing vitamins for a year and a half at the date of this post.  To Identify my stack and have it published will make it easier to refer back to it.  This is not completed, every day is a new trial, but this sheet does represent my daily stack, as recorded on my personal tracking form every morning.

The information below is also located on this google sheet if you want to edit it for your own use.  I can only endorse this as far as my own experience.  Do your own research, I can’t emphasise that enough.  Read books, read papers, read, talk to people about what they take and run your own trials because every body’s biochemistry will be a tiny bit different.

Supplement nameWhat is is supposed to doWhat it does to meDose
Vitamin Chelp with colds (disproven), help with tidying up free radical particlesI can't put my finger on what it does but it makes everything run cleaner.1000mg/day
Fish oilBrain stuff, good for you in lots of waysRemoves my self critical brain loop.4000mg/day
MacaCause testosterone increase like symptoms without increasing testosteroneExactly what it says it does.1500mg/day
Magnesium Citrategood for general body repairs, muscles repairs, gets rid of cramps, good for sleep1hr less sleep. Probably good things around body repairs too.130mg before bed
Calcium CitrateGood for bones, Citrate more absorbable form, good for general body (calcium molecules used all the time)Probably good for bones (genetics of bad bones). Part of my regular supplements. I feel like this makes everything smoother.350mg/day
Vitamin DSunlight vitamin, supposed to help with lots of things, probably everyone is deficient. Helps with bones as wellNot sure but I suspect good things. Will be testing by cycling off soon5000IU/day
KTo be supplemented with Donly here for the D500mcg/day
ZincIf low on zinc - supplementing can bump up testosterone to where it should be.,Good for nails, skin, hair, muscles and generally for being healthyProbably did a testosterone pickup, will cycle off to see effects later25mg/day
Whey protein powderRepair muscles, make body work betterBoosts metabolism, Included in the "make me feel great" list.60g/day
Soylent 1.6replace food for the lazy technotopianseems to just make sure I get the rest of the vitamins each day.2 tablespoons/day
CreatineWeightlifting supplement, good for growing muscles, Phosphorous donor molecule for the ATP-ADP energy in muscle cycleGives me energy, Gives me the wake up on fire feelings, Probably also helps grow muscle and stuff too.7.5g morning, 7.5g before bed
Irregulars and experiments-----------------------------------------------------------------
B6Causes dreamsCaused daydreams and night dreams. Would be good on days I need to visualise and weigh up future outcomes. Bad on days that I am trying to avoid distractions100mg
Spirulinadetox??no idea if it does anything. still testing500mg
Bromelainsexy things (look it up)unconfirmed500mg
Kelp + IodineIodine has been proposed as a magical drug sometimes, and there are suspicions that everyone might be deficient.unconfirmed150mcg Iodine
Bacopabrain-drug-thingbetter stare-at-screen power70mg
Beta-alaninemuscle growing magic thing, funny tingly muscle side effect.funny tingly muscle side effect confirmed. Other effects unclear1500mg/day
Choline and InositolDescribed as "more cope".Unclear500mg
MelatoninSuper well rested sleepI have no trouble falling asleep, in higher doses it made me wake up groggy.2mg
BCAABuild muscleShelved for possibly causing cloudy headedness. Need to retest7.5g/day
GlutamineBuild muscleShelved for possibly causing cloudy headedness. Need to retest5g/day
COQ10gut enzyme that we lose as we get older. Better digestionEither part of the "general awesome set" or not. Needs retesting100mg
B complexChange colour of pee to extra green yellowpee effects confirmedlarge tablet mix
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